Oil drum lifting clamps can be used in such a way that they are efficient

- Jun 13, 2019-

Oil drum lifting clamps can also be seen from the literal use of steel tongs for hanging oil drums. Of course, the oil drums here do not necessarily refer to oil drums alone. Any cylindrical barrel-shaped object is acceptable. Major petrochemical companies and large oil fields have played an important role, so how can it be used to fully realize its performance and efficacy?


1, first read the instructions carefully before use, strictly in accordance with the procedures, remember to be strict overload.


2. In the lifting clamp, it is necessary to check whether the components of the steel plate clamp are damaged or not, and whether they can be used normally.


3. During the lifting process of the oil drum tongs, it is necessary to ensure a rapid and steady rise. The oil drum is filled with liquid. If it rises suddenly, the liquid in the oil drum will slosh, and the whole oil drum will become more and more unstable, which will easily cause the oil drum to tilt. The liquid flows out.


4. When the oil drum is lowered, Dongguan should be light and fall horizontally, otherwise it will easily cause the oil drum to fall to the ground.


5. In order to ensure the performance of the oil drum tongs, lubricant should be applied regularly to the joints of the moving parts to avoid long-term friction damage. However, the clamp head should not be lubricated, otherwise the friction between the oil drum and the clamp head will be reduced, which is not conducive to the safe lifting of the oil drum.

In the use of oil drum tongs, we must keep in mind the above points, develop good operating habits and maintenance habits, ensure the stability of the steel tongs and extend the life.