On-board installation of electric hoist inverter

- Mar 17, 2020-

The vehicle is installed in the form of an electric control box. Electric hoist is a separate product in lifting equipment. For its part, a drive control system or a drive is the basic product attraction and solution. Therefore, it is more suitable for electric hoist manufacturers as a complete electric hoist variety, that is, the introduction of inverter electric hoist products. The main features are as follows:
The on-board installation method upgrades the electric hoist product to a complete inverter product, not just a frequency conversion solution.
The on-board installation method itself can effectively overcome the inherent defects caused by the cable installation method in the end beam.
However, because the electric hoist can be used to install the inverter in a small space, it is necessary to solve the installation and heat dissipation problems of the inverter and the braking resistor, as well as the safety protection problem, and it does put forward extremely high requirements for the electric hoist. The inverter itself. In addition, the mainstream electric hoist motor technology is relatively backward. In addition to the new electric hoist, it is relatively easy to install and implement. Other conical rotor motors are used for wire rope electric hoists, and ER and PK motors are used for chain hoists. System installation.