Operation requirements and safety technology status of electric chain block

- Jun 20, 2019-

The electric chain block must go through its professional study in the process of operation, and receive safety technical training. After obtaining the “Special Operation Personnel Operation Certificate” issued by the local competent authority, it can only engage in command and operation, and it is strictly forbidden to operate without a license. . The electric hoist checks the safety technical status of the vulnerable parts such as hooks, wire ropes and reducers before use.


When the electric chain hoist is in use, it is forbidden for the idler to enter the dangerous area for hoisting and send a special person to take care of it. The electric hoist must be placed or bundled when hoisting, and must meet the requirements of the hoisting regulations. Lifting operation is prohibited in the case of brakes, failure of safety devices, damage to the lock nut of the hook nut, and damage to the wire rope to the end of the scrap.


If the electric chain hoist is bundled, the suspension is not tight or unbalanced, and the sliding may be carried out, the lifting angle and the wire rope are not padded. Lifting operations shall not be carried out when the site, hanging conditions and command signals cannot be seen. Hanging objects, hanging baskets, spreaders and ropes are suspended in the air during work stoppages or breaks.


When the electric chain hoist is working on the hoisting machinery, the hoisting machinery shall not be inspected and repaired. Do not adjust the brake of the hoisting mechanism under load. When dropping the hanging object, it is strictly forbidden to fall freely (slip). Do not use the extreme position limiter to park.