What should we pay attention to when we check and maintain the chain hoist?

- Aug 29, 2018-

Attention should be paid to routine inspection and maintenance of chai hoist.

1.Check whether the chain hoist of hand hoist has excessive wear, corrosion, deformation and external damage.

2.Check whether all rotating parts of hand hoist are flexible, and fasteners must not be loosened.

3.Check the wear and deformation of the hook. The hook should be free from cracks, sharp angles, burrs, corrosion, warping and torsion and other harmful defects.

4.The transmission parts of the hand-pull hoist should be lubricated regularly with grease. The friction surfaces of the brake must be kept clean and free of grease to ensure reliable braking performance.

5.Hand hoist lifting chain should be often coated with lubricating oil, not clay and other debris, so as not to be brought into the lifting sprocket and deposited in the concave, affecting party engagement.

6.Hand-pulling hoists should be stored in a dry place after use.