Performance principle and maintenance process of chain fall hoist

- Apr 23, 2019-

After the use of the chain fall hoist, the hoist should be cleaned and coated with anti-rust grease and stored in a dry place, so as to effectively prevent the hoist from being rusted and corroded.


The chain hoist should be familiar with the hoist mechanism during the maintenance and overhaul process. Clean the hoist parts with kerosene during operation, add grease to the gear and bearing parts, and prevent the person who does not understand the performance principle from disassembling. Installed.


The chain hoist is cleaned and repaired. It should be tested in no-load condition when it is used. It can be delivered when the operation is confirmed and the brake is reliable. The friction surface of the brake must be kept clean. The brake part should be checked frequently to prevent the brake from malfunctioning and the heavy object falling.


The roller of the left and right bearing of the lifting sprocket of the chain hoist can be adhered to the inner ring of the bearing which has been press-fitted to the journal of the hoisting sprocket, and then loaded into the outer ring of the bearing of the wallboard. When installing the brake device part, pay attention to the good cooperation between the ratchet tooth groove and the pawl claw. The spring should control the pawl flexibly and reliably. After attaching the hand sprocket, turn the hand sprocket clockwise to the ratchet and friction. The sheet is pressed against the brake seat and the hand wheel is rotated counterclockwise, leaving a gap between the ratchet and the friction plate.