Precautions before and after operation of electric chain hoist

- Jun 08, 2018-

The use of electric chain hoists has been quite frequent. As a user, it is necessary to notice some problems before, during, or after use. First of all, before use, you should first check whether the contents of the nameplate on the product are clear and easy to read. At the same time, the contents of the inspection classification should also be completed, and the quality assessment of the lifting or tightening should be performed, and then the appropriate electric chain hoist should be selected.


Before ascension, make sure that the weights are in an independent state and do not rigidly connect with other objects. Check whether there is any deformation or crack in the electric chain hoist under the retracting pin and confirm that the work is stable. At the same time, it is necessary to check and confirm that the brake system and pawl are working properly, and the lifting chain is in good lubrication condition. After completing these preparations, there are many issues that need attention during the actual operation, the main contents are as follows:


First, it should be noted that the electric chain hoist used can meet the operational requirements, and there is no such problem as deformation or cracks. Second, the lifting chain must not be used as a heavy load rigging, nor should it be used as a support. use. And to avoid hanging heavy objects directly on the hook tip support. In addition, it is also important to note that the chain must not pass over the surface of obstructions such as steel plates.


In the course of operation, attention should be paid to normative operation, and no problem of excessive lifting should occur so as to avoid contact between the electric chain hoist and the lower hook frame. Remember, in normal operation, hoists that have been damaged or have abnormal sound during use should not be used. Pay attention to ensure that the heavy load is properly placed in the hook hook cavity. Before lifting heavy objects, ensure that the lifting chain clearance is eliminated to avoid impact load.


After the operation is completed, the heavy object should be safely lowered. In the process of hand-operated electric chain hoists, no undesirable actions such as dragging or throwing may occur. When used under special environmental conditions, such as salt water, seawater, acidic substances, alkaline substances, or explosive atmospheres, instructions should be given in advance. Be careful not to use electric chain hoists that have failed or repaired.