Precautions when assembling 5t chain block

- May 28, 2019-

The 5t chain block is a hand-operated hoist that is easy to use and easy to carry. When assembling, it should check whether the shape and dimensional accuracy of the parts and assembly are qualified, check for deformation, damage, etc., and pay attention to the parts. Mark to prevent misassembly.


5 tons of chain hoist fixed connection parts, no clearance is allowed; movable parts can move flexibly and evenly in the specified direction under normal clearance, there should be no jumping. The contact surfaces of the moving parts (or parts) must be sufficiently lubricated and, if there is an oil path, must be unobstructed. Various pipes and sealing parts shall not leak after assembly.


Before the 5-ton chain hoist is tested, the reliability of the connection of the components and the flexibility of the movement should be checked. Whether the joysticks are flexible and the position of the handles is in the proper position; before the test, the speed is gradually increased from low speed to high speed. The thickness of the chain is very important. It is recommended to pay attention to the thickness of the chain when buying the chain hoist. Generally, the diameter of the chain of the regular manufacturers is about 5MM. Please carefully distinguish the users.