Process of HSZ-S 2 ton kito chain hoist lifting operation

- Jan 17, 2019-

      HSZ-S 2 ton kito type manual chain hoist is a more common model, which can be used in construction, dock, port, ship, coal mine, etc. It is easy to operate and flexible in braking, and is very popular among users. How much do you know about the process of lifting the hand chain block?

      First, fix the heavy objects that need to be lifted. The lifting point must be at the center of gravity of the heavy object. Then fix the chain hoist directly above the heavy object and hang the heavy object on the hook. After the preparation is completed, start. Officially lifted the work.

      Start pulling the chain to lift the heavy objects. The operation of the chain pulls the rotation of the bracelet wheel, and the friction plate, the ratchet wheel and the brake seat are only pressed to a certain extent, so that they start to rotate in an overall form, and the long axis of the five teeth follows. Start to rotate, and drive the gear, the short shaft of the tooth, and the spline hole gear to rotate together. This causes the hoisting sprocket mounted on the spline hole gear to start to rotate, and then the hoisting chain is also rotated by the hoisting sprocket, and the weight begins its ascending process.

      The above is the process of lifting the HSZ-S 2 ton kito chain hoist. If you want to know more information, you can send an email to for consultation.