Protect electric chain hoists in rainy days

- Nov 09, 2018-

      In many cases, the electric chain hoist will be used in open air, such as climbing frame electric hoist. Not only should we prevent the chain electric hoist from rusting in the rain, but also to prevent the motor and line from entering water, and also to prevent electric shock, to ensure personal safety and so on.

      In rainy days, try to avoid using electric hoist. In case of unavoidable situation, we should take good protective measures. At present, many chain electric hoist shells on the market have rain shield, at this time only need to do a good job of anti-shock and late maintenance work. If there is no other equipment to operate electricity in the surrounding environment, it is very vulnerable to lightning and is very dangerous. Moreover, if the rainwater enters the inside of the gourd, if the line is damaged for so long, it will cause the danger of leakage, affect the normal operation needs, and also cause the danger of electric shock of operators.

      After using ring chain electric hoist in rainy days, we should clean its chains, cover and components, and dry or blow-dry them with lubricating oil for maintenance, and place them in a dry and ventilated place to prevent rust or line failure.