Quality judgment in the purchase process of YC beam clamp

- Nov 17, 2018-

YC beam lifting clamp is one of the crane slings that we usually have very common. It needs to know not only the model parameters but also the quality according to the shape. In the process of identifying the YC beam lifting clamps, first of all, pay attention to the selection of the model of the tongs that are suitable for your needs. Lifting clamps are divided into horizontal hanging steel clamps, vertical steel plate clamps, flipping clamps, laminated steel plate clamps, veneer clamps, etc. Its main material is alloy steel, mainly used for horizontal and vertical steel plates. Straight lifting.


Second, the YC beam clamp is selected with the maximum load and the thickness of the plate. In addition, through the appearance of the identification, the surface of the high-quality tongs should be free of cracks, damage, smooth and smooth. Key points: Carefully observe the welding position of the tongs. The welding of high-quality tongs should be free of gaps, slag inclusions, and no welding deformation.


In addition, it is recommended to choose a well-known brand of YC beam lifting clamps, so that your business benefits will be maximized and your rights will be more secure. In short, we must pay attention to the quality of YC beam lifting clamps, so that it can play a better role in the application process, so that users can more easily transport heavy objects to the designated location.