Reasons for broken chain of manual chain hoist

- Aug 21, 2018-

      Chain is an indispensable component of the manual chain hoist equipment, and it is also the power to achieve the essential work of the manual hoist. However, after long-term use or improper maintenance, chain breakage may occur. After the chain breaks, the equipment can not bear the load, so it can not lift the weight, resulting in the use of the manual hoist has no value. What are the causes of chain breakage and how to avoid it?


1、The material is crisp and easy to break.

2、The welding interface technology is not strong, the phenomenon of chain stripping.

3、The chain is too tight, leading to the increase of initial tension.

4、The load exceeds the safety category, and there is a phenomenon of overload.

5、Ff the worn parts are not found or treated in time, the chain and sprocket will be worn, and the chain will also be worn.

      Above all, it is possible to break the chain of the manual chain block, so it is particularly important to pay attention to quality in the purchase of products, not to be tempted by low-cost products, choose a regular manufacturer to buy suitable lifting equipment.