Reasons for the thinning of the friction plate in chain hoist

- Sep 27, 2019-

      The friction plate is an important component of the Taihu chain hoist brake system. If it is thinned, it will directly affect the brake safety of the hoist, so that the malfunction of the brake failure occurs, so why is the friction plate thinner?

      First, the life of the friction plate is limited. After a long period of work, the phenomenon of thinning due to wear and tear is normal.

      Second, the wrong operation or installation or the deformation of the Taihu chain hoist assembly is abnormal, which causes the friction of the friction plate to increase when it rotates, which leads to the phenomenon of thinning.

      Third, the friction plate and the parts are installed too tightly, and the long-term use will accelerate the wear of the friction plates, resulting in thinning.

      The above is the reason why the friction plate is thinner, I hope you can pay attention to it during use.