Removal of rust spots on galvanized hand chain surfaces and prolonged service life

- Aug 16, 2018-

The galvanized hand chain is closely related to our life in the process of use. They can be seen everywhere. The galvanized chain is mainly a multi-purpose mechanical basic part of a flexible system composed of steel components. The series are often metal chain links or rings, and the chains are divided into four types according to different uses and functions: transmission chain, conveyor chain, traction chain and special special chain.

In order to enable the product to take advantage of its advantages and greatly extend its service life, the galvanized hand chain is essential for the maintenance of the galvanized chain during operation, just as the machine is overhauled for a long time. However, the maintenance of galvanized chains is not as simple as oiling directly.

The removal of rust spots on the surface of the galvanized hand chain can be carried out by using a pickling paste, which can improve the surface finish of the galvanized iron chain and form a dense and complete passivation film on the surface of the galvanized iron chain. The service life of galvanized iron chain is extended, which is suitable for surface treatment of printing and dyeing machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, pressure vessel manufacturing and drying equipment, chemical machinery, food machinery, chemical equipment and chemical equipment installation, engineering components and so on.