Risk analysis and preventive measures for chain hoists

- Feb 18, 2019-

      Chain hoists have some risks in lifting heavy objects, and they all need to be operated according to the normal operation mode. 

      When two chain hoists lift heavy objects, they do not meet the lifting requirements.

Risk analysis: There may be a chain hoist break accident.

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      Relevant regulations: Q/GDW 1799.2-2013 "State Grid Corporation Electric Power Safety Engineering Regulations Line Section"; When two or more chain hoists are lifting the same weight, the weight of the weight should not be greater than the weight of each chain hoist Allow lifting weight.

      Precautions: Before lifting, check whether the chain hoist is in good condition and the nameplate is marked. It should not exceed the load. When using multiple chain hoists to lift the same weight, the type of heavy objects should not exceed the allowable lifting weight of each chain hoist. Supervision, always remind the operators to pay attention to the work of the chain hoist.