Risk analysis and preventive measures for chain hoists 2

- Feb 20, 2019-

      Chain hoists have some risks in lifting heavy objects, and they all need to be operated according to the normal operation mode. 

      When the chain hoist is lifting, feel the number of zippers at will.

      Risk Analysis: Randomly increase the number of zippers, which ultimately causes the chain hoist to fail.

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      Relevant regulations: Q/GDW 1799.2-2013 "State Grid Corporation Electric Power Safety Engineering Regulations Line Section"; shall not be overloaded, the lifting capacity shall allow one person to zip at 5t, and the lifting capacity shall be more than 5t. People zippers, do not arbitrarily increase the number of people to pull.

      Precautionary measures: Safety precautions should be carried out before the operation. The on-site command personnel should organize the number of zippers in strict accordance with the regulations. No more personnel should be arranged to prevent the number of zippers from being too large, and the pulling force should be too large, causing the chain hoists to break or fail, and the lifting money should check the chain. Whether the gourd is in good condition and the nameplate is marked, it should not be overloaded.

      Through the above illustrations, I believe that you have a more accurate understanding of the operation of the chain hoist.