Round Steel Lifting Clamp Product Introduction

- May 08, 2018-

At present, there are many different types of lifting clamps products on the market, and different lifting clamps products have different performance characteristics, and these products are also applied to different workplaces because of their characteristics. One of these products is called the round steel lifting pliers. This type of lifting pliers products are mainly used for round steel, horizontal and vertical lifting of the round pipe.


So, what kind of performance characteristics does this type of lifting clamp have? Next, we will briefly introduce a round steel lifting clamp product with a load range of 0 to 5 tons, hoping to deepen our understanding. At present, the product is mainly made of low carbon alloy steel. In production, a single test is usually used as the rated load. In the actual lifting operation, it is generally used alone, or it can be used in combination.


It should be noted that when using this round steel lifting clamp product, be sure to pay attention to safety. First of all, during the lifting process, the objects to be suspended shall not collide with, and their test load shall reach twice their maximum working load, and shall not be overloaded. At present, according to its different ways of lifting, it can be divided into horizontal lifting clamps and vertical lifting clamps.


So, how can such a round steel lifting clamp product be properly used? In fact, in this type of product, the cross-hook steel clamps are characterized by a uniform level of lifting. Therefore, during the lifting operation, the jaws of the horizontal hanger are opened, firmly clamped on the weight of the work to be performed, and then lifted. When dismantling, the weight should be grounded and the tongs removed without load.


For the user, if the round steel lifting clamp used is a vertical lifting method, it also has a self-locking device, so it is safer and more reliable in practical applications. Not only that, its operation and maintenance are also very simple. However, before using the round steel lifting clamp, the on-site staff should pay attention to checking the condition of each part one by one, including biting heads, gaskets, and wear conditions.