Safety buckle of chain hoists

- Jul 21, 2018-

      Safety buckle is an important part of the hoist hook, which seems to be small but indispensable.

      Manual hoist(chain block,lever block) is a small lifting equipment which is widely used in the field of application because of no power supply. It is often used to lift light steel structure and transport components and equipment to tighten bundled rigging, and can also be used as a maintenance and disassembly operation for mechanical equipment. However, in the process of use, if the hook does not have a safety card or a broken safety card, it is easy to be neglected by the staff and continue to use in the job. There will be a hidden danger to continue to use, and it should also be paid attention to in the process of buying manual chain block at the beginning or in the process of use.

      Manual chain blocks must have a certificate of qualification, a safety buckle on the hook, regular inspection and maintenance in the process of using manual chain blocks, and timely repair of hidden dangers, and all manual hoists that can not be repaired or used should be treated as scrap.

      Although the structure of the manual hoist is simple, if the buckle is not secured on the hook, such as the loosening of the wire rope and the hook, it will cause casualties, or the injuries of the machinery and vehicles, and more serious is the smashing of the objects in the special operation area, causing the accident of the personal injury of the workers, and more of the accident. Life.