Safety instructions for GCLY geared trolley

- Dec 22, 2018-

The GCLY monorail is light and easy to operate, solving the problem of unpowered locations. Moreover, in the application, it can freely run on the lower flange of the I-steel rail which can have a certain radius of curvature, for lifting goods, equipment and the like. There are also security issues to be aware of during use. The GCLY monorail must be operated by a dedicated person and the operator should have a safe operating knowledge.


Before using the GCLY monorail, be sure to perform no-load operation first, and pay attention to check: 1. Whether the switch is flexible, can correctly control the left and right operation, and can stop at any time; 2. No abnormal noise during operation. In addition, in rainy weather or thunder weather, be careful not to use the machine outdoors to avoid accidents.


When using the GCLY monorail to hoist heavy objects, the staff should check in advance and confirm whether the lifting weight exceeds the electric driving load; during the operation, the lower part must not stand, and it is not appropriate to hang the heavy object in the air for a long time. Prevent permanent deformation or accidents.