Selection and lifting of pipe lifting clamps

- Jun 11, 2019-

In the process of working, the pipe lifting clamp is an efficient spreader for quick loading and unloading of materials and equipment assembly. Its varieties and specifications are constantly developing and its use is becoming wider and wider.


How to choose a pipe lifting clamp:


1. Pay attention to the model of the tongs that are suitable for your needs. Steel plate tongs are divided into horizontal hanging steel tongs, vertical hanging steel tongs, inverted tongs, laminated steel tongs, veneer tongs, etc. Its main material is alloy steel, mainly used for horizontal and vertical steel plates. Straight lifting.


2. Use a larger load and a plate thickness to select.


3. Through the appearance appraisal, the surface of the high-quality tongs should be free of cracks, damage, smooth and smooth. Key points: Carefully observe the welding position of the tongs. The welding of high-quality tongs should be free of gaps, slag inclusions, and no welding deformation.


4. Choose a well-known brand of lifting clamps, so that your operating efficiency will be greater and your rights will be more secure.


Lifting clamp lifting


1. Do not use objects other than steel.


2, not used for objects with too high hardness.


3. Objects with irregular slopes may not be used for vertical lifting.


4. It is not possible to use vertical cranes in the case of horizontal bite.


5, the vertical crane can not hang more than 2 overlapping objects.


6. Lifting objects such as rust, oil, paint and other foreign objects should be wiped off before using lifting clamps.


7. It can't be used when the lifting temperature is higher than 150 °C-20 °C.