Selection criteria and installation of steel plate handling clamps

- Jul 25, 2018-

The steel plate handling clamp is a tool for the transportation of steel plate articles. It is divided into two types: horizontal lifting clamps and vertical lifting clamps according to the way of handling. The steel plate handling clamps are suitable for the handling of hanging objects and work contents. Therefore, use it within the specified capacity when using it, and use it within the range of 1/5 or more of the maximum use load.


At the same time, do not use steel plate handling pliers to transport objects that exceed the thickness of the effective plate thickness. Otherwise, dangerous accidents may occur. When handling surfaces that are easy to slide due to grease or paint, use a new clamp. Do not use the tongs as a hook. It is strictly forbidden to use a tongs that have been subjected to one impact load.


When installing the steel plate handling clamps to determine the clamping position, the locking bar or the spring hook must be prevented from coming into contact with the cable, chain, lifting ring and hanging material during the winding or winding process; confirm whether the mounting position of the steel plate handling pliers is higher than the hanging position. The center of gravity of the object; confirm whether the locked position is in a good locked state, etc.


In addition, it is necessary to confirm whether the jaws are safely inserted; the state of the hanging objects at the ground must be taken into consideration to determine the installation position, especially the hanging objects with poor stability when landing are quite dangerous, on this basis Next step.