Small Size of Manual chain Hoist With Great Use

- Sep 19, 2018-

      Manual chain hoist is a portable lifting equipment for automobiles. With the popularity of automobiles in the family, many countries in the world are using this tool. Hand hoist is a small manual lifting tool. Safety, light weight and light operation are the characteristics of the product design.

      It is customary to think that the hand hoist can only be used as lifting and binding goods, in fact, the role of hand hoist is far more than these. The hand hoist can also replace the shaft sinking to stabilize the vehicle and eliminate the rotation force on the hoisting rope head. In addition, as a large and wide range of lifting tools, hand hoist is widely used in factories, mines, wharfs, construction and agricultural and water conservancy departments, especially for non-power mobile operation and low frequency of use. The hand-pulled hoist can be used alone or with the manual monorail trolley to form a monorail overhead conveying system.