Structural features of the triple chain block

- Nov 08, 2018-

The triple chain block is small in size, light in weight, compact in structure, flexible in application and convenient to carry. This triangular chain hoist is actually a great improvement on the basis of the previous products. The outer casing is designed according to the shape of the "outer wall panel", so that the outer casing and the inner parts are more compact and the gap is smaller.


At the same time, in the case of external force, the triple chain block shell is in close contact with the internal parts, so that the outer casing has supporting force without deformation, and thus the internal parts are not damaged. At the time of production, the product is made of shell alloy steel and triangular structure design, which has strong stability and will not be easily deformed during use.


At the same time, it is specially equipped with high-strength hooks, so it can guarantee strong bearing capacity during use. In addition, a security card is also provided, so that the problem of falling off the goods can be prevented. In operation, due to the use of two over-sprocket wheels, the chain is not easy to roll, and the operation of the triangular hoist is more stable. Moreover, the chain is specially treated to prevent the chain from rusting and prolong its service life.