Structure and safety performance of electric chain hoist 500KG

- Jan 31, 2019-

The electric chain hoist 500KG consists of two structurally connected lifting mechanisms and moving devices, which are respectively powered by a lifting electric hoist and a mobile sports car. The electric hoist of the lifting mechanism drags the wire reel through the reduction gear box. The lifting wire reel is dragged by the motor through the reduction gear box, and the transmission shaft and the electromagnetic brake are connected.
The 500kg electric chain hoist sports car is moved back and forth on the I-beam by the action of the guide wheel. The electric sports car is equipped with an electromagnetic brake, and the mechanical collision block is used to limit the movement of the front and rear directions. The electromagnetic brake brakes the main drive shaft, and the travel limit switch is installed at the limit position of the lift hook. The moving mechanism motor drives the sports car through the reduction gear box, and the walking sports car can roll back and forth on the I-track. When it exceeds the stroke, the stroke limit switch performs limit protection.
For safety, the 500kg electric chain hoist is electrically controlled. When the operator leaves the post, the electric hoist will stop automatically for safety. The 500kg electric hoist is equipped with upper and lower limit devices as standard, which can effectively control the stroke to ensure safe operation. Since the limit switch is located inside the hoist body, it can be effectively protected, but at the same time, it is easy to set up by simply opening one side cover.