Taboo on manual chain hoist hook

- Oct 29, 2018-

      Manual hoist hook as the most important connection accessories, the quality of the hook can not be ignored when purchasing manual chain hoist, the use of equipment can not be repaired in the process of the hook, the following Yongchang for you on the manual hoist hook taboo.

1. Chip hooks are not allowed to splice.

2. The surface and interior of the hook do not affect its usability.

3. Casting hooks are prohibited. Therefore, the internal defects of castings are not easy to be found and eliminated.

4, prohibit the use of welding parts manufacturing or repair of hooks, so steel welding may produce cracks.

5. In the case of hooks with unknown tonnage and the wear degree of the hooks has not reached the scrap standard, they must be re-examined and can be used normally after passing the inspection.