Technical points and bending performance of the lever blocks

- Feb 21, 2019-

The lever hoist is mainly used in the operation of the unique elastic clutch technology, can lift the cargo at any height, light hand pull device, high lifting rate, the new design of the forged hook of the hoist, the top of the hook Safer and with slower bending properties.

Technical points for the operation of the lever blocks
1. The lever hoist securely fixes the hook of the hoist and the fixture, and reliably hangs the chain hook with the weight to be hoisted.
2. Lift the hoist to raise the weight. Move the knob to the "up" of the position card, and then reciprocately move the handle. As the handle moves back and forth, the weight will rise smoothly.
3 hand pull the gourd weight down. Move the knob to the "down" position on the sign, then reciprocately move the handle, and the weight will drop smoothly as the handle moves.