Technical points and use characteristics of hand lever block

- Apr 30, 2019-

Technical points of hand lever block


1. The manual hand hoist will effectively fix the hook and the fixed object of the hoist during the use, and reliably hang the chain hook and the hoisting weight together during the operation.


2. Lift the weight of the manual hand hoist, pull the knob to the “up” of the position card, and then reciprocately move the handle. As the handle moves back and forth, the weight will rise smoothly.


3. The drop of the manual hand hoist. Move the knob to the "down" position on the sign, then reciprocately move the handle, and the weight will drop smoothly as the handle moves.


4. Manual hand hoist hook position adjustment. When the id is unloaded, turn the knob to “0” on the indication, then turn the handwheel to adjust the upper and lower positions of the chain hook. It is the pawl that disengages the ratchet, so that the position of the chain hook can be easily and quickly adjusted by pulling the chain.


Manual hand hoist features


1. Unique elastic clutch technology, which can lift goods at any height;


2, light hand pull device, high lifting rate;


3, the new design of the forged hook, the hook top is more secure, and has a slow bending performance.