The characteristics of machinery moving skates and their main application areas

- Jul 26, 2018-

Machinery moving skates are a very common handling tool, usually used in power departments such as power plants and electric power engineering. In the course of use, it is necessary to select the appropriate type of channel rail, which is convenient for mechanical handling of tanks to walk straight, making handling easier. .


In addition to being used as a handling tool, machinery moving skates can also be used with hoisting hoists as a driving vehicle. When operating, mechanical handling tanks need to be matched with suitable channel rails. Compared with monorail driving, mechanical handling tanks save money. Less cost for the business.


Since the mechanical handling tank uses a full row of steel wheels, it has strong resistance to pressure and abrasion, and can also move the container. In order to achieve the effect, it is necessary to use four or more pieces when handling the container. The bearing capacity is large and the quality is stable and reliable.


The machinery moving skate is suitable for direct heavy object handling and can not be used for diversion; it can be used in combination with multiple units. When using it, it is necessary to ensure that the handling direction of the handling group is exactly the same; the height of the handling vehicle needs to be consistent, so that the weight is evenly distributed;

It can work on the smooth surface of hard concrete, and the remaining hardness is insufficient, and the uneven surface can be laid with steel plates.