The difference between galvanized chain and ordinary chain

- Nov 03, 2018-

      The physical properties of galvanized chains and ordinary chains are the same, but because of the different surface coatings, their corrosion resistance is not exactly the same. Let's take a look at the difference between galvanized chain and ordinary chain.

      1. Ordinary chain: Chromium is a silver nonferrous metal. It is very stable in the atmosphere, even in alkali, nitric acid, sulfide and carbonate solutions. Chromium has strong hardness and strong abrasion resistance, and it can keep luster for a long time. The disadvantage of chromium plating is that it can not reliably prevent rusting of bottom metal. Therefore, before plating it, copper or copper tin alloy deposits can be well integrated with the bottom metal. Generally speaking, chromium-plated chain has the characteristics of slightly higher cost. Most domestic high-grade cars and light cars are equipped with it, and it is generally not recommended to use.

      2. Galvanized chain: the appearance of galvanized chain is green self color. That is the result of passivation and treatment of zinc coating. Zinc coating almost does not change in dry air. In moist air, in water containing carbon dioxide and oxygen, its surface produces a film of zinc carbonate, which is mainly basic. This kind of film has corrosion inhibition and can prevent metal from being corroded continuously. We can see that some galvanized chains quickly change from white to brown after use, but there has been no greater change since then. That's why.

      Compared with ordinary chains, galvanized chains after special galvanizing treatment in production and processing show more excellent characteristics in use, so that they have different degrees of refinement in terms of product life or actual use. Zinc plating process is relatively simple, and the cost is relatively low, so it is used for supporting ordinary and heavy-duty bicycles.