The difference between the chain fall hoist and the triangle chain hoist

- Jan 22, 2019-

As we all know, the chain hoist is divided into chain fall hoists and triangle chain hoists. In addition to the different appearances, the two also have different performances. From the fixed way, the circular chain hoist adopts the fixed method of the round shell, which is to directly weld the screw on the shell and then fix it on the wall panel with screws; the triangular chain hoist improves the fixing manner of the shell and the wall panel. Opening the hole directly on the casing is linked to the wall panel with a high-strength screw to make it more compact.


From the structural stability point of view, the circular chain hoist shell is thin; the triangular chain hoist has made great improvements on this basis, according to the shape of the "outer wall panel" to design the outer shell, the outer shell and the inner part The more compact gap is smaller, and the housing is in close contact with the internal parts when the external force is received, so that the outer casing has a supporting force without deformation, and thus the internal parts are not damaged.


In comparison, the chain fall hoist has lower cost and more reasonable price, which meets the needs of most people, and also meets most of the use of chain hoists. If there are no special requirements, chain fall hoists and triangle chain hoists can be selected according to their own needs.