The discarding criterion for the grade 80 lifting chain

- Sep 03, 2018-

The grade 80 lifting chain plays a very important role in the lifting of heavy objects. In order to ensure the quality of the products, it is necessary to use advanced production line production equipment, using high-quality alloy steel (manganese steel, etc.) materials, and strictly control the quality. Ensure that the lifting chain meets the 80th international standard.


In actual work, the grade 80 lifting chain can be adjusted according to the actual lifting height of the lifting object. This is also an indispensable and important means of picking up the crane, which plays an important role in improving the working efficiency of the crane and expanding the working range of the crane.


The scrapping judgment of the grade 80 lifting chain mainly includes: 1. The wear value of the hanging chain should be smaller than the diameter of the annular chain bar, or within one tenth of the thickness of the auxiliary tool; 2. From the plane where the main ring is not bent Starting, the main ring twisted more than 10 degrees should be scrapped; 3, cracks in any part of the chain, bending or twisting phenomenon and the phenomenon of stuck or deadlock between the ring hinges and can not be ruled out; 4, chain and The permanent elongation of a single ring shall not exceed 5% of the original length.