The hazards of missing lever gourd tongue

- Oct 12, 2020-

The tongue is an important part of the hook of the lever hoist. It plays a very important role in the safety of the operation. What will happen if the tongue is missing?
The tongue of the lever hoist is missing. When the lifting method of the heavy object is not correct or the position of the heavy object on the hook is not correct, the danger of shaking and falling will easily occur during the lifting process. At this time, there will be no tongue blocking it will directly hang The hook will not only cause damage to the weight being lifted, but also may hurt the operator.
The heavy objects are not protected by the tongues during the lifting process, and the danger of falling is easy to occur, which reduces the safety of the operation and affects the normal use of the lever hoist.
When the lever hoist tongue is missing, it must be replaced with a new tongue in time, so as to reduce the occurrence of accidents and improve the safety of operation.