The hazards of poor quality chain hoists

- Sep 30, 2020-

Hand chain hoist products on the market are dazzling, with uneven price categories, and even many products are unsuitable products. The quality is seriously not up to standard, resulting in various risks and disadvantages in operation. The main damages are as follows:
1. Use chain hoists under safe loads. Load-bearing parts such as chains and hooks may deform or show cracks, cracks in the metal structure, etc., severely deformed or damaged.
2. The rated load of inferior products does not meet the specification, which will cause the hook to deform, appear cracks, the chain is stuck, cannot be lifted or the heavy object falls, and it will appear to slide when the chain hoist is used to lift the heavy object.
3. Under normal operating conditions, the hand zipper strip of the chain hoist will be jammed by the sprocket, and the upper and lower hooks will act as the plate. Serious deformation will not work. When using the chain hoist to lift heavy objects, it will only be up and not down. .
Therefore, when we buy chain hoists, we must purchase qualified products from regular manufacturers, so as to ensure the quality of the chain hoists, and even if there are problems later, it is easier to solve.