The important role of vertical steel plate lifting clamp

- Jan 17, 2019-

In the modern industrial field, it is often inseparable from lifting operations. In fact, lifting work is a complicated and meticulous work. Due to the rapid development of economic development, the progress of production and construction is progressing, various structural assembly is widely used, and the tasks of lifting work are becoming more and more numerous, especially in the construction of heavy industry. It has increasingly shown its important role. One of the commonly used lifting tools is the vertical steel lifting clamp.


It is well known that vertical steel plate lifting clamps can automatically clamp and complete vertical lifting of different weight steel plate materials, suitable for material lifting in material warehouse, riveting operation in cold work workshop and installation of large steel structure. . It is especially suitable for the turning of steel plate clamps or the vertical lifting of steel plates.


The body of the vertical steel plate lifting clamp belongs to the welded structure. Usually, during the lifting operation, when the steel plate is sandwiched between the crank plate and the dental plate, the lifting ring is lifted, and the lifting ring pulls the connecting rod and the crank disk to rotate the toothed wheel around the bolt shaft. Then, the teeth are hanged together with the steel plate. Due to the action of the connecting rod, the clamping force is often greater than the lifting force, especially when lifting thick steel plates.