The necessity and superiority of chain fall hoist for cleaning

- Sep 13, 2018-

To a certain extent, the chain fall hoist is also called the god gourd, the pound is not falling, the manual hoist, the inverted chain, as an upgraded version of the fixed pulley, the components of the chain hoist completely inherit the advantages of the fixed pulley, while using the reverse brake The combination of the reducer and the chain pulley block, symmetrically arranging the secondary spur gear rotating structure, is simple, durable and efficient. The weight of the chain hoist generally does not exceed 100T, and the shell material of the chain hoist is high-quality alloy steel, which is firm and wear-resistant.

The chain fall hoist is widely used in factories, mines, construction sites, docks, docks, warehouses, etc. for installation and lifting of goods, especially for open air and powerless operation.

The necessity of cleaning the chain fall hoist

Hand chain hoists use chain hoists in all walks of life. It is also the most grounded gas and the most widely used hoist in lifting equipment. If the working time is long, it will be carried by hoist due to dirt, dust and rain. The accumulation of dirt in the gaps, especially in the corners that are easy to ignore, will not only corrode the gourd if it is not cleaned for a long time, but also degrade its performance.