The new structure of Hand Winch has its application advantages

- Apr 20, 2019-

A Hand Winch is a light and small lifting device that winds a wire rope or chain with a reel to lift or pull heavy objects. In order to ensure the normal use of the manual winch, the original bearing sleeve must be replaced. The improved manual winch includes a rope reel, a boom, a bearing sleeve and a base. The bearing sleeve is sleeved on a shaft fixed to the center of the base, and the rope reel and the boom are fixed on the bearing sleeve.


Wherein, the top surface of the base is fixed with a disc, and the disc is connected with the fixed boom through a support rod, the top of the support rod is hinged with the fixed boom, and the bottom of the support rod is slidably connected with the disc, the bottom of the support rod A connecting block is fixed, and a universal ball is arranged at the bottom of the connecting block, and an annular sliding groove is arranged on the disc corresponding to the universal ball, the universal ball slides in the sliding groove, and the clamping device is arranged on the base.


By setting the support rod, when the lifting arm lifts the heavy object, the support rod plays a supporting role for the lifting arm, which ensures the working strength of the supporting rod and avoids damage to the bearing sleeve; by setting the clamping device on the base The base can be conveniently clamped on the ship's side for easy position adjustment and positioning of the manual winch.