The parameters to consider when buying manual trolleys

- Apr 10, 2018-

The most obvious difference between manual trolleys and manual monorail is that hand-driven vehicles are driven by hand-lifting weights, while hand-drawn vehicles are driven by bracelets. But no matter what kind, they can freely walk on the lower flange of the I-shaped rail, and the wheel rim spacing can be adjusted according to the I-beam rail width requirements.


If the manual hoist in the manual trolleys is hung under the traffic, a manual lifting and transportation trolley can also be formed. When buying a monorail, you must first look for the required model. Each brand has its own model. The parameters of each model are different. This is the biggest difference. Of course there are some common models.


Then according to the actual requirements required to select the hand-push monorail vehicle's rated load; and hand-guided single track minimum turning radius of this parameter, you need to pay attention to the measurement unit, some in mm units, some cm, there is In m.


The width of I-beams that can be used to manual trolley is also a point of attention in the selection process. This depends on the width of the I-beam, and it cannot be used to buy it. At the same time, don't forget to consider the net weight of hand-carried monorails, as long as there are no special requirements in general there is not much problem.


Due to space constraints, some job sites have also put forward some requirements for pushing the volume of manual trolleys. This must be combined with practical considerations. However, in general, single-track vehicles can meet the requirements for use and help users smoothly complete related operations.