The reason why manual monorails are widely used

- Jun 09, 2018-

Manual monorails are also called manual monorails. At present, they mainly include two structural forms. One is a hand-push vehicle, and the other is a manual-running vehicle. Among them, the hand-drawn vehicle is driven by a bracelet, and the hand-propelled vehicle is driven by a hand-lifting load and can freely walk on the lower flange of the I-shaped rail. Moreover, the wheel rim spacing of a manual monorail can be adjusted according to the I-beam rail width requirement.


In practical applications, we can hang manual hoists underneath manual monorails, thus forming a manual lifting and transportation trolley. The hand-drawn single-track carriage is driven by a bracelet, and it rides on the lower edge of the rail of the I-beam, and can be composed of a bridge type, single beam or cantilever type crane with a chain hoist. Due to its superior performance, monorail trolleys have been widely used. The areas involved include factories, mines, docks, warehouses, and construction sites.


Then, in practical applications, what are the advantages of its superiority fully reflected? In fact, the manual monorail is mainly used for installing machinery and equipment. When the cargo is being lifted, the single, especially non-powered, location is more advantageous. For users, it is easy to use, safe, and less maintenance work. Moreover, the monorail trolley itself has a compact structure and a small installation size.


For different use requirements, we can flexibly adjust the wheel spacing of manual monorails. In short, it has advantages such as high transmission efficiency and small hand pull force. Among them, the structure of the hand-drawn vehicle is mainly composed of a left wall board, a right wall board, a hanging shaft, a lifting ring, a bracelet wheel, and a transmission shaft. The left and right wall plates on the walk were respectively equipped with rollers, and the hanging shaft passed through the left and right wall plates and fastened with nuts. The ring should be installed at the center of the hanger. The chain hoist is suspended on the rings.


It should be noted that, in order to achieve a more ideal application effect, after installing the manual monorail, the gap between the roll cover and the track ground should be adjusted to ensure that it is within the specified value range. The specific adjustment method is: first loosen the nut, move the sleeve to make the clearance reach the specified value and then tighten the nut.