The reason why the chain hoist cannot brake normally

- Oct 09, 2020-

When the chain hoist is lifting heavy objects, the built-in braking system can ensure that the heavy objects will not fall, and can also make the heavy objects hover in the air briefly. But sometimes there will be slow braking or even failure. Why is this?
When there is a problem with the brake system, we must first check whether the brake pads are severely worn and cannot work normally. When the chain hoist is used for a period of time, the service life of the brake pads will be consumed. When the brake pads are worn to a certain extent, It will greatly reduce the braking effect, or even stop braking; secondly, we need to see whether the ratchet and pawl are in good condition. When the ratchet and pawl are severely worn or the two cannot be normally engaged, it will cause the hand Pull hoist brake is slow or unable to brake; in addition, the spring on the pawl is not flexible, which will also cause the brake system to respond slowly; finally, the overall maintenance of the brake system is also very important. Inadequate maintenance will also greatly affect the performance of the braking system.