The reason why the mini lever hoist is popular and its adjustment principle

- Nov 13, 2018-

The reason why the mini lever hoist can be favored is because it is flexible and reliable, and it is mainly suitable for some small activities. On the other hand, it is also because the mini hoist bracelet has small pulling force and light weight. The appearance is beautiful, the size is small, the durable operation is simple, and the characteristics of the general hand hoist are combined.


In addition, the mini-hand hoist is lighter than the conventional model of the hoist, and can be pulled at any angle, showing its superiority in the open air or without power supply. Of course, we need to make appropriate adjustments before using it, which is more conducive to the lifting work of the mini hand hoist.


When using the mini lever hoist to lift the cargo, the operator controls the strength of the wrench, and the force should be moderated. If the force is too strong, it is likely to damage the parts and affect the normal use of the equipment. At the same time, overloading is prohibited. Before lifting, the hoist should be selected with the appropriate tonnage of the cargo weight to avoid falling, injuring the personnel and causing accidents. Also pay attention to whether the hoist chain is twisted. If there is a kinks, you must adjust it before you can continue working to avoid the phenomenon of card chain.