The use and maintenance of vertical steel plate lifting clamp

- Apr 25, 2018-

Vertical steel plate lifting clamps are tools used for lifting and moving steel plates. They are mainly used in machining, steel structure installations in the market, shipyards and other occasions. They can also be used for welding, cutting, handling and moving steel plates. .


Vertical steel plate lifting clamps for daily safety maintenance:


The safety of the vertical plate lifting pliers during operation is a priority. In order to ensure safe operation, it should be noted that when the use is performed, if the rotation lock rotation is not flexible or is not in place, the adjustment nut should be checked and adjusted. Check if the transmission mechanism is stuck, such as stuck, it is a poor lubrication. At this time, you should add lubricant (or grease) at the active connection of the transmission mechanism. If the guide pin is too tight, loosen the nut properly. If the connection is loose, the transmission tube or other rod deformation, it should be corrected.


When the vertical steel plate lifting clamps are used, care should be taken to prevent the coating of the coiled steel lifting indicator from falling off. Once discovered, it is necessary to promptly fill up the paint of the original indication mark; for the main force components, under normal conditions of use, at least once every 3 months, it should not be cracked or severely deformed.


When the vertical steel plate lifting clamps are used, the lifting weights cannot exceed the rated lifting weight. The buffer springs must not be over-stretched. When hoisting, lifting should be carried out smoothly, avoiding the spreader and the crane or It is that other equipment, etc., collide with each other and deform.


Safety training for vertical steel lifting clamps should be carried out on a regular basis. Even if everyone complies with the same specification when performing operations, everyone has their own understanding. Regular training at this time will allow everyone to personally The experience has been shared and the specifications of the vertical steel plate lifting pliers have been continuously improved to make lifting clamps more safe and efficient.