The use method and operation requirements of the load moving skates

- Mar 02, 2019-

The load moving skates has strong bearing capacity, small volume and large load capacity. The wheel is generally made of silicone resin during operation to protect the ground. The sliding wheel can be used without maintenance and maintenance, and has a simple structure and a rubber layer on the surface to protect the material. It can be equipped with a joystick for easy steering when moving. Easy to operate, as long as it is matched with a jack or other handling tool, it can save a lot of work time.

How to use the load moving skates

The small tanks of the turntable can be used alone or in combination. When transporting heavy goods, it is a roller bar that can be used to replace the traditional handling equipment. Easy to use, saves time and effort, it is the ideal tool for handling heavy equipment. Some small tanks have a rotating tray, and when the small tank is turned, there is no relative rotation between the cargo and the small tank tray.
In our daily handling operations, we generally use three small tanks as a set of handling tools, and the universal handling small tank (commonly known as the "head car") is placed in front as a guiding pulley.