The use of chain hoists generally does not cause sudden breakage and damage of the wire rope.

- Mar 10, 2020-

Wire rope is a common component in chain hoist equipment. Compared with rigid parts, steel wire rope has high strength, flexibility and impact resistance. It is widely used in the lifting industry, but it can be caused by long-term use. Worn, this part is also one of the frequently replaced parts.

Under normal circumstances, the use of chain hoist generally does not cause sudden breakage and damage of the wire rope. Even if it is damaged, there are precursors. Generally, it starts with a single and partial break and gradually progresses to the entire rope. This is a time process, unless the complete rope is suddenly broken because the load exceeds its destructive force. As long as the safety management and use of electric hoisting wire ropes are strengthened, accidents caused by wire ropes can be avoided.

However, the hoist wire rope has various stress conditions and a complicated working environment. Except for mechanical damage, damage is not selected properly, maintenance and inspection are not performed properly, and the failed wire rope cannot be scrapped and replaced in a timely manner.

When the hoist is lifted and the operation method is inappropriate, the hoist will swing the hanging object and cause an accident. Lift the hoist. Stop when the wire rope or chain is tightened. The chain hoist should find the hook again in the direction that the hook is swinging. At the same time, the lifting worker should check whether the hanging object is hanging; the hoist should not be lifted when lifting. The lifting speed can be increased when removing lifting objects from obstacles; when the hoist is in operation. Where conditions permit, the crane will support objects behind the hoist sling. Do not interrupt while the electric hoist is running. When running for long distances, run the power for a long time.

Chain hoist features: small size, light weight, simple and convenient operation, stronger chain toughness, more rugged and wear-resistant, ensuring work safety. In addition, the chain of the chain hoist is equipped with a chain bag, which makes the chain hoist look clean and tidy, and the chain bag is also equipped with anti-rust oil, so that when the chain hoist is not used, the chain chain bag will not rust. Extend the life of chain hoists.