The use of drum lifting clamp and precautions

- May 05, 2018-

The so-called drum lifting clamps is actually a kind of tool that is specially used for the lifting of the drum lifting clamp products. From the overall analysis, in fact, the barrel lifting clamp has the characteristics of evenly distributed horizontal lifting. When the lifting operation is performed, the jaws are opened, firmly clamped on the heavy objects to be worked, and then lifted. When dismantling, remove the lifting pliers when the weight is on the ground and no load is applied.


Under normal circumstances, the drum lifting clamps are mostly used vertical erection structure, equipped with a self-locking device, work safe and reliable. Easy to operate, high work efficiency, easy maintenance. The product can not only be used for oil drum lifting, but also suitable for vertical lifting of oil drums. At present, the product is mainly forged from Shougang low-carbon high-quality alloy steel. Its load range is usually one ton, and the chain specification is 6×18 mm. The single test is used as the rated load, and it is used only for hoisting operations.


Remember, in the process of lifting using the drum lifting clamp must pay attention to safety, must not be hit by hanging objects, is strictly prohibited overloaded use. Test load = rated load × 2, while the product also has strong and durable, easy to operate, lifting a smoother, more secure and other advantages.


In order to ensure the safe completion of the work, when lifting the work using the drum lifting clamp, the suspending and loading work must be performed by a person qualified for hanging and hanging work. And you must choose the tongs that match the purpose. In addition, it must be ensured that it is used within the allowable load range, it must not be overloaded, and it should be used within the allowable plate thickness range. Other irrelevant personnel must not enter the hoisting work area or turn over the area.


In addition, during the hoisting of the drum lifting clamps, it is necessary to standardize the operation, and at the same time ensure the stability of the hoisting speed, so that the hanging objects cannot be drastically moved or stopped abruptly. In order to prevent heavy lifting, it is best to use more than 2 drum lifting clamps for safety. Before use, it is necessary to check the status of each part to ensure that it can be used normally.