The use of Taihu chain hoists can be divided into three steps

- Mar 05, 2021-

Some people don't understand the operation method of the chain hoist in Taihu Lake. The operation of the chain hoist is very simple. The specific operation can be divided into three steps. Let's analyze and explain in detail below.

The first step: before use. Before using the chain hoist, carry out a detailed inspection work, carefully check the parts of the chain hoist, check the surface for damage, cracks, deformation, rust, etc., and make sure that there are no problems with the parts before putting them into use.

Step 2: In use. When using the chain hoist, the operator should pull the hand zipper at a constant speed, and the pulling speed should not be too fast to prevent severe shaking during the lifting of the heavy object; the heavy object cannot be suspended at high altitude for a long time to prevent the chain from being elongated and deformed.

The third step: after use. After the chain hoist is used, it should be cleaned and maintained. The dust and debris on the surface should be cleaned up, greased, and stored in a suitable place.

Taihu chain hoist operates in accordance with the above steps, which can realize safe operation, improve work efficiency, and save manpower.