Turntable Small Tank Preventive Maintenance and Usage Tips

- Jun 13, 2018-

Do you know how to do preventive maintenance measures for turntable small tank? In general, cleaning work must be focused on the preventive maintenance of small tanks. As we all know, a good clean environment is crucial to its maintenance. And daily work also needs regular inspections of its lubricants and hydraulic oils.


The purpose of these maintenance measures is to ensure the good working condition of the small carousel of the turntable and to avoid the occurrence of bad conditions. Therefore, it is proposed that the work also needs to be reserved for those wearing parts in maintenance. Because in this case it is possible to troubleshoot those faults that can be determined by themselves in an emergency, and to replace the wearing parts can be handled quickly.


In actual work, the possible workplace may not be in a completely flat condition. For example, what are the problems to be noted when carrying out the work under a sloped condition? We know that small tanks are usually not suitable for road handling with steep slopes. Therefore, in the face of such problems, we need to pay attention to the following points:


First, before carrying out the transportation work, check and confirm that the small tank of the turntable is firmly connected with the heavy object to avoid overturning due to the slope.

Second, you can choose to use a corresponding mechanical traction device, such as a manual traction machine for fixed traction. It is necessary to prevent dangerous situations where heavy objects may cause back movements after loss of traction.

Third, by comparison, the possibility of using single or two small tanks with rotating disks may cause instability of heavy objects, which is very dangerous. It is advisable to use more than three combined devices. It is generally advisable to use 4 sets.

Fourth, it should be noted that if the weights being handled are too high, or are too narrow, due to their unstable center of gravity, the consequences of possible overturning should be taken into account when using small carousels and they need to be taken in advance. Corresponding and reliable measures for preventive protection.