Two major categories of lever chain hoist

- Oct 18, 2018-

The lever chain hoist mainly includes two types: wire rope hoist and chain hoist. There are not only significant differences in performance, but also different applications. The former can also be called wire rope traction machine and wire rope hand pull tractor. It belongs to a new type of high-efficiency, safe and durable lifting machinery product. It has three functions of lifting, traction and tensioning. The structure design of the whole machine is reasonable and the safety factor is High and long service life, especially suitable for use in the field without power source.


The lever chain hoist is more advantageous in equipment installation, cargo lifting, lashing and traction, and is used in factories, mines, construction sites, terminals, transportation and other operations. Especially at any angle of traction and in the case of small space, open-air operation and no power supply, it highlights its advantages.


With these advantages, the lever chain hoist has been favored by users in practical applications. It not only has new, efficient, safe and durable features, but also has three functions of lifting, traction and tensioning. The main weight of the chain hoist is 250 kg, 500 kg, 750 kg, 1500 kg, 3000 kg, 6000 kg, 9000 kg.