Type, function and usage of the Drum Lifting Clamp

- Mar 23, 2019-

The Drum Lifting Clamp device is mainly divided into a multi-functional tightening device, a double hook tightening device, a tiger head tightening device, a curved tooth tightening device, a triangular tightening device, an iron wire tightening device and a Japanese wire gripper. The multi-function tightener includes a clamping portion and a tight line portion, the main feature is a tight line portion, in addition to a ratchet on the central shaft, and a reversing hook for the toothed wheel and the toothed tooth, the tiger head tight line The device mainly acts on the communication line and the transmission line to tighten the steel strand wire.


The wire tightener can be used to tension the wire in the installation of overhead lines. When using, first loosen the wire rope or galvanized iron wire on the wire tightener, fix it on the cross arm, clamp the wire with the clamp, and then pull the special wrench. Due to the anti-reverse action of the pawl, the wire rope or the galvanized iron wire is gradually wound around the ratchet roller to tighten the wire. Secure the tightened wires to the insulator. Then loosen the pawl to loosen the wire rope or galvanized iron wire and release the wire clamp. After finishing, wrap the wire rope or galvanized iron wire around the roller of the ratchet.


It is also required when using the tightening device. In order to ensure personal safety during use, the wire tightener of the corresponding specification should be selected according to the thickness of the wire. During use, the wire rope must not be twisted and knotted, so it must be smooth. The ratchet and pawl must be in good condition and there should be no tripping. Add lubricant before use. In the process of using the tightener, a slip line occurs and all operations are stopped immediately. Take the corresponding measures to clamp the wire before continuing.