Use chain hoist to overhaul the safety technical measures of scraper

- Sep 25, 2020-

1. After the scraper is officially handed over to the excavation team in the transportation work area, the excavation team is responsible for the daily maintenance of its parts.
2. The mechanical and electrical maintenance workers of the scraper must be trained to obtain a certificate before they can work on the electrical work.
3. The maintenance personnel participating in the construction must obey the safety work arrangement of the construction person in charge before the shift, and obey the instructions of the construction person in charge on the spot.
4. Maintenance workers should be familiar with the structure, performance, working principle, integrity standards and relevant requirements of the operation team's scraper.
5. There must be more than two people working together during construction.
6. When using the chain hoist to pinch the chain, connect the chain, etc., the power must be cut off from the previous switch, the control switch is set to "zero", and the blackout sign that "people are working, no electricity is allowed" is locked and hung. When pulling the hoist, the maintenance personnel must stand in a safe position in front of the side, tie the rooting bolt firmly, find the center, and try to pull it smoothly. It is strictly forbidden to stand in the direction of the hoist chain and the possible movement direction of the object. Care must be taken to observe the process of pulling the hoist. If any hidden hazards are found in the lifting situation, the operation shall be stopped immediately, and measures shall be taken to deal with the hazards in a timely manner. The operation can only be continued after the hidden hazards are dealt with.
7. After the operation is completed, a trial run should be carried out, with at least two trial runs, and the unqualified should be dealt with in time, and the formal operation can be carried out only after the safety is confirmed.
8. Before operation, you must carefully check the hoisting equipment, such as the hoist, chain tensioner, and wire rope head, and confirm that it is in good condition before use.
9. Before operation, check the port wall and roof support of the construction site, and clean the bottom plate. If the safety of personnel and equipment is endangered, the operation must be handled in time. The gas concentration on the site exceeds 0.5% during the construction. Operation is strictly prohibited.