Vertical plate lifting clamp management and inspection

- Jun 12, 2018-

When using vertical steel plate lifting clamps, safe and disaster-free is essential. At the same time, in order to increase the working efficiency and the service life of the vertical steel plate lifting pliers and reduce the cost, the user should perform effective inspection and management before and after using the lifting clamp.


The inspection and management contents of the vertical steel plate lifting pliers mainly include the following points:

First, it should be classified and managed according to its actual application. In other words, after the steel plate lifting clamp is used, do not place the steel clamp outdoors, it is recommended to organize and manage according to the purpose.

Second, inspections and maintenance should be carried out frequently. Note that before and after use, systematic checks should be made to ensure that the steel lifting clamps are intact. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that at least one inspection and repair of steel plate lifting pliers be performed once a month. During the inspection and maintenance process, be sure to oil the steel clamps;

Third, keep in mind that the vertical steel plate lifting pliers used not only have good performance, meet operating requirements, and there is no obvious failure, and it is forbidden to use dangerous steel clamps. For example, it is found that the steel lifting pliers are deformed or damaged, they must be prohibited from use, and parts must be replaced immediately. When starting work, be sure to confirm the inspection inspection labels.

Fourth, parts should be replaced in time according to the inspection. In fact, the cam and spiral jaws must be replaced in advance at the site where high hardness or hangers of the same steel plate are being transported.


In addition to these contents, we also need to do maintenance in order to extend its useful life as much as possible. First of all, care should be taken to remove the attached debris on the vertical steel lifting pliers. Use a rag or steel ball to remove any debris or other debris trapped on the movable part and the chuck part of the steel clamp and on the clamping bolt. When encountering unremovable debris, replace the spherical chuck and the clamping bolt in time.


After use, the vertical steel plate lifting clamp should be stored in the indoor environment, to avoid the rust of the steel plate tongs due to outdoor weather or temperature difference, which will seriously affect the vertical plate lifting clamp function can not be used normally.