Vertical plate lifting clamp weight and maintenance skills

- May 23, 2019-

The vertical plate lifting clamp has light weight, simple structure and convenient use. As long as there is “electric hoist” or “car crane”, the lifting work can be completed. These products are forged from “low carbon high quality alloy steel”. The impact resistance, load carrying capacity, toughness, and elongation of such tools are guaranteed to greatly improve the safety performance and longevity of such products.


The vertical steel plate lifting clamp is used for 1-15 days, and you need to refuel it once. Make him energetic. Oil lubrication should be added to the rotating part of the steel plate tongs and the threaded part of the bearing and the pressure nut, and then the spherical chuck and the thread of the clamping bolt should be wiped clean. If the wiping is not clean, the grease attached to the threads can easily slip and is dangerous to handle.


Regularly install the vertical steel plate lifting clamps for cleaning. Do not allow dirt to hide. Use a rag or steel ball to remove the movable parts and chucks of the steel plate clamps and the debris on the clamping bolts. . When encountering debris that cannot be removed, replace the spherical chuck and clamping bolts in time to extend the service life.